Hobby Sites

  • Team-Ninja - is a computer tech support site specializing in overclocking, hardware, software, gaming and distributed computing.  Home of Team Ninja; SETI, Genome, Distributed Folding, and others.

  • GetOnThatPlane - is a self-help information and support site designed for fearful flyers.

  • RoadToCanada - is and information and support community dedicated to all issues concerning Canadian Immigration.

  • ParentingMiracles - This is my fun site, created for the survivors of infertility, and more a gathering place for kindred spirits alike.


  • WhiteSoxInteractive - is my husband's site. Not only the largest Chicago Whitesox fansite, it's among one of the largest sport sites (in general) on the internet! I help to administrate this site as well as serve as the resident graphic designer.

  • Nanobot's Stats - Doug (Ninja co-owner) is a master programmer and stats guru, and provides our Team Ninja stats.

  • ThisIsYourCaptainSpeaking - Ray Stark is a commercial pilot and Captain for Southwest Airlines, as well as a fellow Administrator on getonthatplane.com. He wrote the book "This Is Your Captain Speaking - Flight Training for Passengers"

  • Matthew Carroll - An Administrator on Road to Canada - Matthew is an activist, scientist and web developer/designer. He is also the creator of:

  • Immipedia - The Canadian Immigration Encyclopedia.

  • US2Canada - Owned by Marcie (also an RTC Administrator) was created to support applicants for Permanent Residency to Canada from the United States and other visa-exempt countries.