I'm Canadian, born and raised in Ontario. My background is in accounting, and I'm a VP of Finance for a transportation company. I am a computer, graphics and design geek at heart and run a handful of hobby sites that I like to tinker with in my spare time... which these days isn't very much!

In addition to a 13yr old daughter, I am also mom to 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, 2 fat cats, a lovebird and a fish named Bob. Yes.. we have the whole food chain going on here....

I did commercial web design up until a couple years ago when I stopped taking on new jobs. Between my day job and family life, thereís only so many hours in a day. Now I just maintain my hobby sites and a few non-profit sites mostly on a volunteer basis.

My big love is graphics and digital art. A long, long time ago, B.C. (before child), I used to love to paint - for hours at time. Real canvas and oils, acrylics, watercolours, paint under the fingernails - the whole bit. I donít get to do that anymore, so digital art is a way to keep my skills honed, and my form of creative expression.

This website is much ado about nothing really, just a compilation of stuff I do, and have done. Thanks for visiting :)